MCAA brings the highest levels of scholarship and connoisseurship to vetting works of art. Our in-house research is greatly facilitated by a private library, which includes many out-of-print monographs, annotated exhibition catalogues, and other art periodicals and publications. This rare and special resource, combined with our critical judgment and art world experience, is utilized exclusively for the service of our clients, and allows us to take into consideration critical factors such as: provenance, condition, global supply and demand, critical importance and historic significance.

In addition to our in-house research, there are currently more art fairs, gallery shows, biennials and museum exhibitions today than ever before, and MCAA extends the reach of our collectors by attending these shows and events on their behalf. Our proactive involvement in the fair circuit enables access to works that are highly sought-after and rare, and our clients benefit from longstanding relationships with countless gallerists, dealers, auction house personnel and museum curators.

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